Welcome to EFT London from Elevated Therapy International and the East Midlands EFT Centre from Grantham in beautiful Lincolnshire and to the Clinic of Hypnotherapy & Holistic Practices with                  Dr. Michael G Millett (Estd. 1995)

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Feeling fearful?

Feeling stuck in your life?

Do you want the freedom to grow and develop, be more empowered, take back control, get over issues, change something major, feel happier – more optimistic and at peace with yourself and live the way you want to live?

Is there a specific issue you need expertise shift, change or guidance with?

Are you looking for international professional certificated EFT Training ?

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Did you know..

Michael is noted to be the first therapist in the UK and Ireland to be using EFT with clients since 1996.               Today he is an international trainer and innovator of the work.

We are only 1 hour away by train from London's Kings Cross to the "East Midlands EFT Centre"                                  in Grantham's Town Centre or straight up the A1.

Elevated Therapy ® and the international EFT work of Dr. Michael G Millett relocated from London after years in practice there to Grantham.  EFT Sessions and Certificated Professional Trainings are available for everyone.



To remain at the cutting-edge of EFT, and the Energy Therapies, and dedicated to the promotion and development of EFT by raising standards and good practice and sharing development and progression with others.

Helping everyone achieve better health, raised energy and well-being, and increased levels of performance to help people achieve their goals.


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Since 1996 Michael has pioneered EFT sessions and Training in the UK out of London. His knowledge, and expertise of change work extends well beyond EFT having qualified as a psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, counsellor, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic  Programming) Practitioner and metaphysician prior, and became a trainer`s trainer of EFT back in 1998. Michael sees clients from his practice now in Grantham (including Skype sessions all over the world) and provides training, therapy, healing, and coaching sessions including EFT.
He teaches EFT  to health practitioners, counsellors, and members of the public including teaching certificated trainings through the GoE or Guild of Energists (formerly AMT).
Grantham is within easy commuting distance of London, and the South-East, and is within very easy reach of Nottingham, Lincoln. Leicester, Derby, Peterborough, and all of the Midlands.
The local train station (East Coast Main Line) is literally 10 minutes walk away.



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